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what is Papaya?

Papaya is a space where traditional and sober tones, typical of a local liquor store, converge with the tropical aromas of the Caribbean.

At Papaya, you can enjoy unique distillates, infused with different botanicals, allowing us to offer cocktails that turn the expression of having a drink into an extraordinary experience.

All of this, in an ambiance that blends Amazonian motifs with the coppery hues of artisanal distilleries and their stills.

The question we have for you is… What are you doing reading about a bar on the internet instead of coming to see it and experiencing it for yourself? What are you waiting for? Stop staring at that screen!

Our signature spirits

The foundation of Papaya lies in the offering of beverages we make available to your senses. None of these spirits can be found in any other bar in Madrid or Spain.

The liquors we serve at Papaya are artisanal distillates made to order in small copper stills in batches of fewer than 300 bottles each. This means that even at Papaya, we don’t have the same alcohol we had a few months ago. Incredible, isn’t it?

Far from serving the typical industrial alcohols overloaded with sweeteners and flavor enhancers, our philosophy is to introduce a new concept of the drink, simple mixes (distillate + soft drink) that have nothing to do with what you’re accustomed to drinking.

destilados en madrid

water from Madrid

Selected botanics

Profesional distillers

Ron Caribe

no colorants

No sweeteners

No flavorings

We are the definition of craft

As you can imagine, the final product is a craft alcohol, smooth and round. Unfiltered and uncolored, with pure aromas coming from high-quality ingredients, and without saturating them with sugar, something increasingly rare.

In fact, you can try drinking our gin alone and at room temperature, and you’ll notice the difference.

Have you ever tried investigating the ingredients of the alcohols you normally drink?

The three steps for the experience

To enjoy one of our cocktails, all you have to do is choose your favorite alcohol (gin, rum, whisky, or vodka) and one of the macerations we have available (dry gin, citrus gin, cinnamon gin, premium craft whisky, Caribbean rum, cinnamon rum…), and then mix it with your favorite mixer… et voila!

Here’s what some of our cocktails look like as a result.

our menu

Here you can see our menu. You’ll find both the cocktails with the various spirits we offer (we occasionally introduce new ones 😉), as well as fermented drinks and our small selection of snacks.



Pasate a visitarnos en alguno de nuestros divertidos eventos. Aquí te dejamos los que tenemos actualmente:

papaya electrónica

El primer jueves de cada mes desde las 21h a las 23h se pasará por Papaya un artista local para hacernos bailar al ritmo de música electrónica. Tendremos desde melodias mas houseras y tropicales hasta tracks de EDM ¡No faltes! Más info sobre fechas y artistas mira en nuestro instagram

BINGO salsero

Regularmente hacemos bingos los jueves (para más info envianos un correo o revisa nuestra cuenta de instagram). Los cartones se entregan de manera gratuita con las consumiciones durante ese mismo día hasta que se efectua el juego. Los premios son variados y van desde botellas, masajes, cenas, juguetes sexuales…


El tercer miércoles de cada mes a las 20:30h haremos una jornada de speed-dating gratuita. 10 chicos y chicas desconocidas tendrán 5 minutos para desplegar sus mejores armas e intentar encontrar el amor. Para más info del próximo Speed-dating, y formulario de registro mira este enlace.

let's talk!

You have any doubt? Want to make a reservation or cellebrate in Papaya? Let us know!

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